• High Precision Rolled Filtration Wire
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High Precision Rolled Filtration Wire

  • Micron Precision: Tolerance±0.003mm
  • Mirror Grade Roughness: Rz <1.0μm
  • Cpk >1.67
  • Surface Cleanliness: Oil & Grease Residue <50mg/m²

The precision filter wire developed by Zegota can significantly improve the performance of the filter. It adopts innovative technology, sophisticated equipment and high quality raw materials to make the product have leading dimensional accuracy, consistency and strength. By means of patented processing technology, the surface roughness can achieve the effect of mirror surface.

Zegota high performance filter wire can improve the welding performance, welding quality and yield by 15%, thus saving welding materials during plate & cylinder filter manufacture.
At the same time, we have unique heat treatment process to make the products glossy, reduce the customer's pre-operation, improve the service life by 30%, reduce the customer's operation and maintenance costs and replacement frequency.
The filter made of Zegota precision filter wire can improve the filtration efficiency by 40%. It effectively controls the passing rate of impurities in the liquid, improve the purification effect of the liquid and avoid secondary filtration. The filter has the competitive advantages of low friction, high flow rate, fast filtration speed, accurate flow control, easy backwashing and so on.

Zegota uses high-performance precision tandem cold rolling mill and implements one-to-one exclusive production. According to different cross-section requirements of customers, we can customize our production and can meet the customers requirements for small varieties and large quantities.


Material  (ASTM)

Material (European standard)

Stainless Steel







Duplex Stainless Steel







  • Water purification and sewage treatment industry;
  • Paper and Chemical Industry;
  • Food and beverage industry;
  • Petroleum Industry.