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Find The Suitable Wire For Your Application


Products are widely used in automotive, 3C electronics, high-speed rail, power, machine tools, medical and other industries. HIGH PRESISION, SECTION FEXIBILITY, CUSTOMER CUSTOMIZABLE.

Profiled Section Wire (Main Applications)

*5G Phone Components    *Braces Bracket
*Medical Implant              *Filter Wire
*Self-locking Armour        *Spectacle Frame
*Slides                            *Profiled Steel Cable

Precision Flat & Square Wire 

*Spiral Spring                  *Wipper Reed
*Filter Wire                      *Flat Bead Wire
*Clutch Spring                  *Cable Armour
*Metrology                      *Piston Ring Flat Wire

Flat & Square Electric Conductor Wire

*Submarine Cable            *Flat Connection Wire
*Super Conductor            *Commutator
*Copper Hinge Wire        *Electromagnetic Wire
*Trolley Wire                  *Transposition Conductor