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High Quality Electromagnetic Wire

High Strength: Copper alloy material, strong, wear-resistant
High Precision: ±0.003mm accuracy
High mechanical Property: Anti-seismic, anti-centrifugal force, corona resistance, breakdown resistance, etc
Strict Quality Control: Ensure that materials, shapes and properties meet the industry's high standards.

Zegota electromagnetic wire is processed by high precision rolling mill to produce various high precision shapes, such as rectangular and special shapes. After special heat treatment, the performance of electromagnetic wire has been greatly improved. It has the advantages of high temperature resistance, earthquake resistance, high strength, good electrical performance and high frequency performance. It can make full use of the limited space of the motor and greatly improve the slot full rate.


Special-shaped copper wire


•        Copper alloy

•        Copper coated aluminum

Delivery status

•        Cold rolled, Cold drawn

•        Heat treatment (quenching, tempering, annealing)


•        Thickness: 0.2-3.0mm (Flat wire does not exceed 3.25mm)

•        Width     : 0.9-9.0mm


•        Thickness : +/-0.0015mm

•        Width       : +/-0.004mm

R ange type

Natural angle, R angle, special angle, rolling forming angle

Surface treatment

Polishing, bright surface, phosphating treatment, fog surface, pickling

Tensile strength

Can be changed from soft to hard.


Coil, paper core, large coil coreless

(Weight of each roll: 40-1000 kg)