• Flat and square electric conductors

Flat and square electric conductors

We can provide customers in automotive, consumer electronics, new energy, metrology, electric power and medical industries, etc. with our precision profiled wire, medical implants, scroll spring flat strip, wiper flat strip, seat and skylight slide rail, precision filter wire, flat square copper wire, flat bead wire, consumer electronic profiles, flat square wire products, etc.

MaterialCopper; Bronze; Brass; Copper alloy
DimensionThickness: 0.03 - 4.5 mm
Width      : 0.5 - 13 mm
Thickness width ratio: No more than 1/50
R Angle   : 0.2 - 1.0 mm
PackagingCoil (Weight of each coil: 40 - 1,000 kg) 
ApplicationNew Energy Motor, 48V Drive Unit, Flexible Flat Cable, Connector, Electromagnetic Wire
IndustryAutomobile, Medical, New Energy and Consumer Electronics