Advantages of Zegota Round Steel Cord

    1.  Cooperated with public company; 
    2.  International key accounts: Sumitomo Rubber, Bridgestone, Cooper Tires, Hankook Tire, Kumho Tire, etc. 
    3.  Customized processing of tire steel cord can be carried out according to customers' special requirements; 
    4.  State-of-the-art steel cord drawing technology, heat treatment technology, coating technology and hanging glue technology, product quality is superior to international competitors.
    5. High strength steel cord has the advantages of high strength, low linear density and good rubber permeability.
    6. High strength steel-rubber clad cord has high fatigue resistance performance;
    7. After common steel cord is replaced by high strength steel cord, tire thickness and weight can be reduced.
    8. High strength steel cord has high bonding strength with rubber and good technical performance. When safty multiple and performance is ensured, replacing ordinary steel cord with equal density in belt layer can reduce the consumption of steel cord and rubber amount in belt layer, thereby reducing the weight of tire and reducing the cost.

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