Application of profiled wire in bead steel wire

Article Type:  Wire

Author:  Jason Wang (Original)

Abstract:  Precision profiled wire will replace the round wire in the bead steel wire of tire because of high performance and advantages.


The bead ring made of special-shaped steel wire is tightened by thin steel strips divided along the circumference, and there is no flowable rubber between the steel wire, so that its geometric shape can be maintained during the vulcanization process of the blank.The safety and reliability of the bead ring made of special-shaped steel wire are incomparable with those made of circular bead wire with oblique 15 degree hexagonal travelling ring. It can not only reliably transfer the power of the automobile, but also ensure good air tightness between the bead and rim.

By using oblique 15 degree rectangular bead wire or oblique 15 degree quadrilateral bead wire, the weight of a single tire can be reduced by about 1-2 kg, which is very important for realizing high quality and lightweight of all steel Tubeless Radial tire. And the space occupied by bead wire can be reduced by 10%-30%, which is beneficial to improving the rational layout of other parts in the bead position, optimizing the tire structure and improving the tire quality.

The wire of bead is made of special-shaped steel wire, which is directly used for billet forming after purchased by tire factory. The tire factory can save a lot of equipment investment, manpower and material resources, and improve production efficiency and economic benefits.

The bead steel wire produced by precision cold rolling technology not only has various cross-section shapes, but also has high dimensional accuracy, good dimensional consistency and high production efficiency. It can meet the mass customization production. It is an alternative production scheme for the current round bead. The automobile tire with flat bead steel wire not only saves rubber material in the production process, but also has good air tightness and reliability, which greatly improves the production efficiency and passenger safety and comfort.

ZEGOTA company is investing a lot of manpower and material resources in the research and development of this technology. Now it has achieved phased results. It is believed that this technology will be put into the market in the near future.

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