Zhejiang Zegota Precision Technology Co., Ltd. focused on research and development of high precision intellectualized cold rolling machine to produce micron precision stainless steel and precious metal wire products from the beginning of its establishment.

We provide high surface quality and high mechanical properties for the wire we processed. The thickness accuracy of the processed wire product can reach +/-1.5 μm (3 micron), and the width accuracy can reach +/-5 μm.

Zegota precision cold rolling machine technology gradually replaces cold drawing equipment and machine tool technology. It improves working environment, improves production efficiency, reduces production processes, improves product consistency and economic benefits. It is widely used in automotive parts, consumer electronics, power, hardware, medical treatment, filtering and other industries.

Investment and technical difficulty will be doubled for every grade of accuracy improvement. Zegota develops core technology from the following six aspects: precision wire rolling mill, closed-loop control system, wire pretreatment, lubrication and cooling system, on-line measurement, rolling process and so on.

With the spirit of craftsmen, Zegota constantly improves the level of automation and has accumulated rich micron precision manufacturing experience and solutions as follows.

Zegota is equipped with buffer, straightening, guiding, constant tension and other devices to pre-treat the wire rod to ensure the high quality of the incoming wire.

Zegota owns advanced rolling equipment with CNC machine tool precision. Our unique innovative processing technology and high-quality material, combined with the use of high-precision bearings, control the radial runout of the roller spindle less than 0.005mm.

Zegota unique servo-hydraulic roller gap adjustment system has a resolution less than 0.0025mm, which greatly improves the precision of our products. Our precision rolling machine equips on-line measuring device to improve the CPK level of production.

Zegota’s R&D has the development capability of two-roller rolling mill, vertical two-roller rolling mill, Turkey head and four-roller rolling mill. Different roller diameters and roller widths combined with die cavity process technology can complete rolling process for various profiled wire rods to meet customer's various designs, low cost and high quality requirements.

Zegota is committed to promoting the application of micron precision wire forming and processing technology in a wide range of fields and building an efficient and intellectualized manufacturing society with energy saving and material saving.

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