Piston Ring

Piston ring is the core component of fuel engine. It completes the sealing of fuel oil body together with cylinder, piston and cylinder wall. The piston ring has four functions: sealing, regulating oil (oil control), heat transfer, guiding (support). Poor accuracy of piston ring materials will directly lead to the reduction, damage and failure of the above functions.

1.Sealing: The main task of gas ring is to seal the gas, prevent the gas leakage from combustion chamber into crankcase and control the leakage to a minimum, and improve the thermal efficiency. This is the main task of gas ring. Poor accuracy of gas ring materials will lead to poor sealing and power decline, which will not only make the engine work abnormally, but also cause the oil to deteriorate. The power shortage of automobiles is often due to insufficient cylinder pressure caused by the failure of piston ring sealing.

2.Regulating Oil (Oil Control): the main task of the oil ring is scrape off the excess lubricating oil on the cylinder wall, and at the same time make the cylinder wall covered with thin oil film so as to ensure the normal lubrication of cylinder, piston and ring. In modern high-speed engines, special attention is paid to the role of piston ring oil ring in controlling oil film; poor accuracy of oil ring material will reduce lubrication and oil control effect, and reduce the life of cylinders, pistons and piston rings;

3.Heat conduction: Heat from the piston is transmitted to the cylinder liner through the piston ring, which plays a cooling role. According to reliable information, 70-80% of the heat received on the piston top is dissipated through the piston ring to the cylinder wall.

4.Support: The piston ring keeps the piston in the cylinder, prevents the piston from contacting the cylinder wall directly, ensures the smooth movement of the piston, reduces the friction resistance and prevents the piston from knocking on the cylinder. Poor accuracy of piston ring material will damage the guiding (supporting) function.

Wear or damage of piston rings will lead to abnormal operation of engines and insufficient power. Especially, damage of piston rings will cause problems such as burning oil and power decline, and the probability of oil consumption will increase. If a car with normal oil filling has blue exhaust, it is generally a piston ring problem.

Therefore, improving the accuracy of piston ring material will greatly improve the life of piston ring. The piston ring material produced by Zegota can be controlled within the range of (+/-0.01 mm).

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